Our Plan for Milton Keynes South

Iain Stewart MP is continuously working hard to make Milton Keynes South a better place to live, work and play for all!

As the Member of Parliament for Milton Keynes South, Iain is working with the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and his Ministers to ensure Milton Keynes South gets its fair share of investment, support and attention from the Government.

You can see Our Plan to secure a better future for Milton Keynes South here.

  • Investing in Our Local Healthcare System

    The population of Milton Keynes is growing as more people move to the area to benefit from the prosperity and the opportunities this city has available. However, you deserve access to good healthcare at a time that is convenient to you!

  • Ensuring the Safety of Local Communities

    I believe everyone across Milton Keynes deserves to feel safe in their own home and in their community. That is why I am in regular contact with the local police force to assist them in their work to make Milton Keynes a safe city which has been successful to date.

  • Connecting the City of Milton Keynes

    The location of Milton Keynes is excellent for constituents to travel for work, leisure and family purposes, with the option to travel by car, train or bus to nearby cities. This is alongside the grid roads and Redways that run throughout Milton Keynes.

  • Delivering Skill & Job Opportunities

    Milton Keynes has one of the most dynamic economies in the country, with many companies choosing to invest and locate here. For this to continue, we need to make sure that the local workforce has the skills employers need.

  • Protecting Milton Keynes’ Identity

    Since its inception in 1967 as a new city, Milton Keynes has built its own wonderfully unique identity. With the gridroads, redways and green, open spaces, Milton Keynes is loved by residents.

  • Supporting Residents with the Cost of Living

    The Coronavirus Pandemic and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine resulted in global inflation. Both residents here and across the world have been experiencing an increase in the cost of living. I have supported the measures the Government has announced to help people with the cost of living.