Our Plan for Buckingham & Bletchley

Iain Stewart is working hard to make Buckingham & Bletchley a better place to live, work and play for all!

As the Conservative Candidate, Iain is working with the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and his team to ensure Buckingham & Bletchley gets its fair share of investment, support and attention from the Government.

You can see Our Plan to secure a better future for Buckingham & Bletchley here.

  • Investing In Our Local Healthcare

    All residents across Buckingham & Bletchley deserve to have timely access to local, good quality healthcare services. However, the population in our area is growing as more people move into our neighbourhoods to benefit from the prosperity and opportunities available.

  • Keeping Our Communities Safe

    We all deserve to feel safe in our community but there are those who choose to threaten our safety. These individuals and groups need to be tackled.

  • Improving Our Journeys

    Reliable and affordable transport links are vital because they provide constituents to access a range of opportunities - education, employment, appointments and leisure. Also, our location gives us the option to travel by car, train or bus to nearby locations with ease.

  • Training People For Tomorrow’s Jobs

    The needs of different industries are changing over time, so it is vital local residents are equipped with the right skills for jobs of the future. Milton Keynes has one of the most dynamic economies in the country, with many companies choosing to invest and locate here.

  • Protecting Our Green Spaces

    Across Buckingham & Bletchley, we have an abundance of beautiful green spaces that we all rely on for a range of purposes – leisure, exercise, flood defences and farming. However, these green spaces are at risk to overdevelopment and not being properly supported.

  • Regenerating Bletchley Town Centre

    Bletchley Town Centre, like all our Towns and Villages, is an important hub for local residents to go shopping, use the post office or access an appointment.