Spending Round Announcement 4/9/19

A new economic era needs a new economic plan and we are laying the foundations for that in this Spending Round by investing in the priorities of the British people.

Thanks to the hard work of the British people and tough decisions made by successive Conservative governments over the last decade, we are now turning the page on austerity and beginning a new decade of renewal.

This will give every department certainty over their budgets for next year, as we focus relentlessly on making sure we’re ready to leave the EU on 31st of October, whatever the circumstances.

Spending Round Key Points:

  • The Chancellor has already doubled Brexit funding for this year by making an extra £2 billion available for No Deal preparations. Our top priority is making sure we are ready to leave the EU on 31 October and we have committed over £6.3 billion to prepare.
  • Ensure people start seeing the £33.9 billion cash increase for the NHS in their frontline services.
    • Providing capital funding to upgrade 20 hospitals across England.
    • Investing in training our NHS staff to support them to continue providing the best quality care. Launching a three-year £1,000 personal development budget for every nurse, midwife and allied health professional.
    • Spending an additional £1 billion on social care to support local authorities to meet rising demand.
  • Provide an extra £750 million to begin recruitment of the 20,000 new police officers, with the first 6,000 in place by March 2021. We will also provide £30 million to tackle child sexual exploitation and protect the counter-terrorism policing budget.
  • Properly funding our schools so that every child gets a superb education, wherever they are in the country. An additional £2.6 billion next year and rising to £7.1 billion in 2022-23 compared to 2019-20 funding levels.
  • Investing £200 million to transform bus services, increasing funding for Homes England to help more young people onto the housing ladder, plus an extra £30 million to help us achieve Net Zero by 2050.
  • The Scottish Government is receiving an increase of over £1.2 billion to the block grant, the Welsh Government is receiving over £600 million, and the Northern Ireland Administration is receiving over £400 million.