Ensuring the Safety of Local Communities

I believe everyone across Milton Keynes deserves to feel safe in their own home and in their community. That is why I am in regular contact with the local police force to assist them in their work to make Milton Keynes a safe city which has been successful to date.

So far, the following progress on this Our Plan point has been made:

  • 784 new police officers have been recruited in Thames Valley
  • Worked with the Thames Valley Police, Police & Crime Commissioner and Government Ministers to bring about Operation Deter
  • Local charities and organisations are going into schools to tackle knife crime and provide programmes to divert at risk youngsters from being tempted to join gangs and carrying knives (stats?)

I would like to go to further by:

  • Recruiting more Police Officers to Thames Valley Police force
  • Support more schools in Milton Keynes have a Knife Crime Awareness Day
  • Seeing a score increase on my surveys asking residents to rate how safe they feel