Connecting the City of Milton Keynes

The location of Milton Keynes is excellent for constituents to travel for work, leisure and family purposes, with the option to travel by car, train or bus to nearby cities. This is alongside the grid roads and Redways that run throughout Milton Keynes.

So far, the following progress on this Our Plan point has been made:

  • Succeeded in my campaign to make East West Rail a reality, which is due to see trains running between Bletchley and Bicester in 2024/25+
  • Secured over £25 million over the next decade to fix potholes and improve the quality of our roads
  • Engaged with businesses and organisations about installing electric car charging points, making Milton Keynes the location outside of London with the most charging points

I would like to go to further by:

  • Delivering reliable, affordable public transport options in Milton Keynes such as bus services
  • Seeing the full resumption of the service on the Marston Vale Line and the start of the service on the East West Rail Line
  • Securing an Eastern Entrance for the Bletchley Train Station