Supermarkets & Stockpiling

This Government will do whatever it takes to ensure people have the food they need.

We have good supply chains and farm to fork so there’s no reason for shops to be empty.

During this time we must all pull together for the good of our nation and ensure we protect the most vulnerable, and these measures will do exactly that.

We urge people to shop considerately and look out for NHS staff, friends, family and neighbours.


Competition laws have been relaxed to allow supermarkets to work together on the COVID-19 response.

The relaxing of these competition laws will allow retailers to share data with each other on stock levels, cooperate to support each other’s shops, share distribution depots and delivery vans.

It will also allow retailers to pool staff with one another to help meet this high demand.

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Attached is a joint letter from supermarkets who are "Working to Feed the Nation."


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