MK Big Chat a success!

On Friday the 25th of October, Mark Lancaster and myself hosted the inaugural MK Big Chat.

The idea for this event was to bring together a wide range of businesses, charities, healthcare, and other organisations located in Milton Keynes, to come together under one roof.

Spending Round Announcement 4/9/19

A new economic era needs a new economic plan and we are laying the foundations for that in this Spending Round by investing in the priorities of the British people.

Are you Milton Keynes South's Best Small Shop?

Iain Stewart MP is calling on Milton Keynes South's small shopkeepers to enter the Best Small Shops Competition, celebrating the creativity of small shops and the central role they play in their local community.

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

My Autumn 2019 Newsletter is now available, it should be on your doorstep in the upcoming weeks.

If you have not received a copy or can't wait till it has arrived, below is a link to download my latest Newsletter of August 2019:

Iain and Local Councillor Discuss Planning

On the 20th of August, Iain met up with the local Councillor for Bletchley Park, Allan Rankine, on Queensway in Bletchley.

They discussed the recent speculative plans for more shopping units and housing in Bletchley Town Centre, which have not been planned.