MK Big Chat a success!

On Friday the 25th of October, Mark Lancaster and myself hosted the inaugural MK Big Chat.

The idea for this event was to bring together a wide range of businesses, charities, healthcare, and other organisations located in Milton Keynes, to come together under one roof.

This gave them the opportunity to meet, build bonds and network with organisations that they would not normally have the chance to communicate with.

According to feedback, the 60 Second Spotlights were well received, which allowed people to showcase who and what they are and why they are here.

The Ridgeway Centre then was opened up to the public in the afternoon, to give them the chance to come and talk to the organisations present.


"From the bubble of conversations I have heard, I think it has been successful. I am hugely grateful for everyone who has given up their time on a Friday to have a stand. Thank you for my office team and especially Pauline for helping make this possible!"

- Iain Stewart MP