Milton Keynes set to receive £360k from the Rough Sleeping Initiative

The new money is in addition to a targeted £30 million fund to support those sleeping rough and those at risk in 83 local authorities with the highest need.

Over the last few months, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has been working closely with local authorities including Milton Keynes Council to identify service gaps and create tailored packages to tackle rough sleeping in their area this year.

Milton Keynes North MP Mark Lancaster said:

“This provisional funding is very welcome. We are starting to get a grip of rough sleeping in Milton Keynes, but we need to make sure that continues through the winter months and beyond. We have been working closely with the Homelessness Partnership and we have been regularly discussing the matter with ministers. The government wants to eradicate rough sleeping by 2027 but I am confident, by ensuring we are all working together and attain the funding we need, we can do it much sooner in Milton Keynes.”

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart added:

“Tackling all aspects of homelessness is a big part of our plan for Milton Keynes. Too many people have been sleeping rough over the past few years. This funding, in addition to the recent cross government strategy will allow all relevant stakeholders working in this area, be that a local authority or a charity, to properly address the complex issues that come with rough sleeping.”

The government’s new Rough Sleeping Initiative team will continue to work closely with local areas to implement the plans for this funding and to monitor their progress.