Iain Stewart MP welcomes new measures to improve train punctuality in Milton Keynes

The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, is welcoming changes to the way that train delays are recorded. This will benefit consumers by making it easier to hold train companies serving Milton Keynes to account. 


Under the old system, trains are considered delayed if they are 5 or 10 minutes late. This will now change to measuring punctuality to a single minute of its scheduled arrival time.


The new plans will also give passengers detailed information on the causes of train delays, ensuring passengers always feel that they are being provided with the best possible service.


This Conservative Government has made improving the punctuality of trains one of its top transport priorities and this new measure will make it easier to identify trains that are not performing as they should for passengers.


Under the Conservatives, the railways are undergoing the biggest modernisation since the Victorian times, with £48 billion being spent on new trains, track upgrades and making sure passengers have access to better and more reliable data.


“I very much welcome this initiative. Sometimes trains are delayed for reasons beyond the operators control, but it is important for passengers to know the reasons for the delay. This will also place a greater incentive on the operators to make sure they are as punctual as possible”.

- Iain Stewart MP