Every Household in Milton Keynes to have a Legal Right to Fast Broadband Connection

The news that all UK households will have the legal right to a fast broadband connection has been welcomed by Iain and Conservative Group Leader Edith Bald. 

The announcement was made during today’s Queen Speech. It is one of 20 Bills that will be put forward by the Government over the new session of Parliament. 

The Digital Economy Bill will also see a minimum speed of 10Mbps be guaranteed through the Broadband Universal Service Obligation. There will be a new tax code to cut the cost of building mobile phone masts and laying broadband cables and individuals could get the right to automatic compensation when broadband service goes down. 

Iain said, “I am very pleased to see the Digital Economy Bill coming forward. In Milton Keynes we have some unique problems when it comes to Broadband. Despite being the fastest growing City in the UK we still have some households with very slow broadband if any at all.”

He added, “Many more people are now working from home or running their businesses from home so it is vital that they have access to fast broadband. I will be lobbying Ministers to ensure Milton Keynes is at the top of the list for the new investment.”

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Edith Bald commented, “Broadband is one of the top issues for many residents across MK. There are problems in our rural areas such as Bow Brickhill and Little Brickhill but also in our new estates such as Walton Grange and Tattenhoe Park. This is welcome news and I hope to see the Bill moved forward quickly.”