Can Your Business Help Fight Coronavirus?

The Government is calling for more ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) to help fight COVID-19.

Also, organisations and charities in Milton Keynes are also asking for PPE and other equipment.

Whilst you may want to contact me, I would recommend going through the Government's channels FIRST in order to better compile and utilise these kind offers!



The Cabinet Office have asked that all such offers to provide ventilators are directed to

The Government has produced an update to the specification for any manufacturers seeking to make ventilators.

For more details please visit this link:



Offers to provide PPE should go to or email


Offers of Support:

If your business is able to support, please register that capability here:


Local Support:

If you are in Milton Keynes and wanting to offer the support of your business or organisation to those who need it in Milton Keynes, please contact my office by emailing so we can try and help you connect with the right people.

In your email, please include: Name of your organisation, your address and what you can offer to help.