Campaign Response: Ban on the LTTE in the UK.

I have been contacted by constituents regarding the Ban on the LTTE in the UK.

As the Member of Parliament for Milton Keynes South, I have included below my response:

The Government was disappointed with the Commission’s decision in October last year to allow the appeal. The LTTE was one of the first organisations to be proscribed in the UK when it was added to the list of proscribed organisations in March 2001. It continues to be listed as a terrorist organisation in over 30 countries as well as listed under the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Sanctions regime.

I understand that, while the appeal was allowed on a procedural point, the Commission acknowledged there was material available to support the former Home Secretary’s conclusion that the LTTE is engaged in terrorism.  

I would like to make it clear that the LTTE remains proscribed at this time and the Home Secretary has not been ordered to de-proscribe it. The Government accepts the Commission’s recent judgment on relief, which was handed down on February 18th and sets out that the Home Secretary should retake the decision on whether or not to maintain proscription.

As I understand it, the Government is awaiting further representations from the appellants before the Home Secretary retakes the decision. Therefore, it would not be appropriate for me to comment on this matter.

A decision to maintain the proscription of an organisation must be based on a belief that the organisation is currently concerned in terrorism, and it must be a proportionate action to take.

I will continue to keep up to date with any further developments on this matter.